Galentine’s Day Invitation Cards

Galentine’s Day invitation cards for the ‘she’ to your ‘nanigans’

Galentine's Day parties are the perfect time to celebrate your female friendships. They provide an opportunity to cherish the unique bond you share with your girl best friends. At these gatherings, you can exchange heartfelt gifts, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and dance the night away.

Plus, what could be more fun than celebrating your friendship with the people who know you best? So go ahead and mark Galentine's Day on your calendar - it's sure to be a day you'll never forget!

It's time we ditch the traditional Galentine's Day invitation cards and come up with some fun ideas. This blog post will share some fun Galentine's day invitation cards. So put down that boring old cardstock and get ready to have some fun with these Galentine’s day invitation cards.

Tis’ the time to rekindle old friendships

Galentine’s Day: Tis’ the time to rekindle old friendships

There's nothing like a strong female friendship. They are the ones who know how to make you laugh when you're feeling down and are always there to support you, no matter what. They are your pillar of strength in your hard times and the best addition to your happy times.

A true female friend is someone you can rely on, whether you're having a bad day or a good day. They are always there for you, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to celebrate with. They understand you like no one else does and accept you for who you are with all your flaws.

Galentine's Day is the perfect time to rekindle old friendships. You can honor the girls who have stayed by your side through thick and thin. Female friendships are purely magical. The day celebrates women's friendships and is a time for ladies to treat each other.

It is a day to show how much you appreciate your BFFs. What better way to celebrate than with a little bit of fun and lots of love?

So go out there and celebrate your female friendships! Hug your besties, buy them flowers, take them out for lunch, or just spend some quality time together. And don't forget to let them know how much you appreciate them with some Galentine’s day celebration ideas!

8 Galentine’s Day invitation cards to cherish your BFFs

Galentine’s Day invitation cards to cherish your BFFs

Are you about to arrange a Galentine’s day party to celebrate your female friendships? There's no better way to show your BFFs some love this Galentine's Day than with a personalized Galentine’s Day invitation card!

Here are eight of our favorite Galentine’s Day invitation cards that are sure to make your friends feel cherished.

  • Love definition illustration

If you're looking for a fun way to invite your girl gang to Galentine's day, get this card with a love definition illustrated on it. This card with the definition of love sums up the feeling of love in the most heartfelt way, and what could be more perfect for inviting your closest girlfriends to celebrate Galentine's Day than a card with such a thoughtful sentiment?

With four pink hearts and a heartwarming definition of love, this Galentine’s invite will surely put your girl best friends in the festive mood for Galentine’s.

  • Best friend definition

What is the best way to invite your girl best friends over for Galentine's Day? By sending them each a personalized Galentine’s invite, of course! Get the best friend definition card from Footnotes Paper and add some love to your BFF’s day. This invitation card sums up your relationship with your BFF perfectly as it mentions her as the person who has seen your insane side and loves you anyway.

This year, make things extra special by personalizing your own invitations. Add a photo of you and your BFFs, along with a heartfelt message on the blank interior of the bard to let them know how much they mean to you.

  • Galentine’s Day definition

What's Galentine's Day? According to Leslie Knope, it's "the best day of the year." And we have to say, we agree! Galentine's Day is a day for celebrating female friendships. So get your gal pals together and celebrate with a special Galentine's Day invite.

We've got just the perfect Galentine’s invite card for you - our Galentine's Day definition card. This card is the perfect way to invite your friends to celebrate Galentine's Day with you. It's witty and fun, and it tells your friends exactly what Galentine's Day is all about. So go ahead and send out your invitations - and get ready for the best day of the year!

  • You mean the worldle to me

Are you looking for a Galentine's Day invite that will really make your girl BFF feel special? Then look no further than the "you mean the worldle to me" card! This fun and festive card features a scrabble illustration, showing how you plan to spend the day with your girl BFF - playing board games, of course! With a pun-intended text, this card will stay with your BFF for a long time.

Include a message on the blank interior of the card. It is sure to make your girl BFF smile and is all wrapped up in a bright and colorful design. So go ahead and send out this Galentine's Day invitation- your girl BFF will be thrilled!

  • Friend definition

A Facebook friend is someone you might have never met in person, but who you chat with often online. You may have friended each other after connecting over a shared interest, or because you went to the same school. Either way, you consider this person a close friend, even though you've never actually met in real life.

This friend definition invitation card perfectly captures the essence of a Facebook friend. It's humorous and light-hearted, but also relatable and accurate.

If you have a girl BFF who you met on Facebook, send her this invitation card to let her know that she's truly one of your closest friends.

  • My love for you will never end

You know that person who's always there for you, no matter what? The one who knows you better than anyone else and loves you anyway? That's your best friend forever. And this Galentine's Day, show them how much they mean to you with this hilarious “my love for you will never end, just like the pandemic”  invitation card.

This Galentines Day invitation sure to make them laugh and feel loved at the same time. So go ahead and send it out - after all, your love for them will never end, just like this pandemic!

  • Cute bear holding balloons

Looking for an adorable Galentine's Day invitation? Get the cute bear holding balloons card to invite your best friend in a heartwarming way. The adorable illustration will surely make your friend smile from ear to ear.

Plus, you can include a witty message on the blank interior of this Galentine’s invite to let your friend know that you're thinking of them this Galentine's Day. So go ahead and send this invitation card today!

  • You’ll do

It's Galentine's Day, and what better way to invite your girl BFF than with a Galentine’s invite that says  "you'll do, it's too late to swap you out now anyway". This card is the perfect way to let your BFF know that you appreciate her for who she is, even if she isn't perfect.

After all, friends are supposed to accept each other for their flaws and all. So go ahead and get into a fun banter with your girl BFF with this hilarious Galentine's Day invite!

Galentine’s Day invitations free DIY ideas

If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to create Galentine's Day invitations free cards, DIY ideas are the way to go.

With some basic crafting supplies and a little creativity, you can design and make your own unique Galentine's Day invitations free cards that are sure to impress your guests.

Some ideas for Galentine's Day invitations include using watercolor paints, creating custom designs on your computer, or even repurposing old greeting cards.

With these Galentine's Day invitations free DIY ideas, you can make your invitations stand out while saving money.

So get crafty and let your imagination run wild as you create beautiful and unique Galentine's Day invitations free cards to send to your favorite ladies.

Bring in Galentine’s Day with Footnotes Paper’s Galentine’s Day invitations

Looking for a way to add some extra excitement to your upcoming Galentine's Day celebrations? Why not start off the festivities by sending out some Galentine's Day invitations? At Footnotes Paper, we have a great collection of Galentine’s cards that are perfect for celebrating all kinds of friendships.

Whether you're looking for something sweet and sentimental or something a little wittier, we've got you covered.

At Footnotes Paper, we also have some fun stickers that can jazz up your Galentine's Day invitation cards. Whether you're looking for something heartfelt, hilarious, or just plain cute, we've got it all.

Our collection of stickers includes hearts, flowers, and travel-themed options, so you can find the perfect way to express your affection for your best gal pal.

So go ahead and spread the love this Galentine's Day with our Galentine’s Day invitations - your friends will be sure to appreciate it! We've got all the Galentine's Day cards and stickers you need to make this day extra special. And don't forget to share your final Galentine’s Day invitations with us on Instagram @footnotespaper. We can't wait to see what you create!

If you're looking for the best deals on our greeting cards and stickers, you need to sign up for Footnotes Paper's newsletter. Not only will you get 10% off your next purchase, but you'll also be the first to know about new arrivals and exclusive sales.

So don't wait - sign up today and start saving. Happy shopping for Galentine’s Day invitations today!

Final thoughts

Sending out Galentines Day invites to your favorite ladies is a thoughtful and fun way to show them how much they mean to you.

With so many creative Galentine's Day invites available, you can choose one that reflects your personality and the spirit of the holiday.

Whether you decide to host a brunch, a spa day, or a movie night, your Galentine's Day invites are sure to set the tone for a memorable celebration.

So don't hesitate to get creative and send out some beautiful Galentine’s Day invites to the 'she' to your 'nanigans.' Let's make this Galentine's Day a day to remember!

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