Halloween Cards

Halloween cards: Send magic in paper

Who wouldn’t like rainbow drops candy and never-ending, three course triple chewing gum sent with Halloween cards? Well, it’s time of the year again and the earth says hello!

Are you musing over whether you will be the wise Yoda or dancing Star Troopers this Halloween? Choose the familiar, undying vibes of Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter or dash for Werewolf? Of course, there is always a vintage Beistle skeleton or a witch’s hat to rely on.

Whatever you decide to be, the thrill of trick-or-treating is going to get you! Topping this excitement, we are going to unbox some ways to share your love and greetings with friends and family. Let’s do something as timeless as writing paper Halloween cards and let the joy of jack-o-lanterns last a little longer.

Of monsters, demons, and bony-bits

Halloween Cards: monsters, demons, and bony-bits

Without trying to sound archaic, do you remember or have you heard how a handful of physical stores used to pile up the Halloween inflatables, broomsticks, and fifty-five inches skeleton stickers? Vampire paper plates, anyone?

By the way, ‘pile up’ is a less innocuous way to express stacking above, across, and under everything. Those of us who stopped growing up 15 years ago can relate more to the feeling of climbing up a tight, creaky staircase, to explore skeletons, just a bit more.

Did you like the ride down the dusty memory lane of party supply stores? Okay, I hear some sniffles. I agree, this stuff is simply timeless, just like the feeling of sending a physical card to the ones you care about.

Back to the skelly finders who ain’t going anywhere. Now you can comfortably replace the assembly-required bony-bits with a wall sticker of dancing skeletons. Also good for Frankenstein fans who feel a lot more loyal to skeletons, demons, and monsters.

If you are in a mood for card-stock, skeletons just got better. What better way to share the joy with your friends than a real, touchable card! You can always add a fun and warm message inside.

Harry, can I get a go on it? Can I?

Here is something of a time travel for you - a broomstick you just unearthed from your older sister’s old Halloween supplies in an old corner of the attic.

They say, if a broomstick fits, fly. If you find a broomstick or steampunk outfit at home, just make use of it. Especially if you or your parents’ generation are Beverly Cleary’s fans.

For consolation, some kids wear the same pilgrim’s outfit or something that “came from different stores”, every single year (and there is everything bubble-some about being a Ramona Forever admirer at any age, even post-thirty-seven).

Let’s find something to cherish and enjoy in the outfits and vroom-sticks. How about a reminder in a card to your loved ones of the broom that once was or Midnight or Tabby riding the broom? You can send a gift that reminds someone of memories you share with them.

Turn the witch switch on

Halloween Cards: Turn the witch switch on

Goblins, bogarts, and giants - witches are but everyone’s favorite, any time.

So, how about casting your favorite spell through sending a card to your friends this Halloween? Or explore some dark spells for an added spin on the spells: Protego Diabolica! Hold your hats tight and conjure a decorative wall sticker to with a flick; it’ll soon be time to meet up with the coven.

Deep in the mountains live little gnomes

Gnomes are very much part of our lives, aren’t they? At least in film and paper, yes. Be it Gnomes or Gnome Alone, we’d be willing to give up a bit to see the world of troggs, nains or tontti. I bet we are all fascinated by the mythical wizardry attached to them, topped with an unbeatable cuteness (minus troggs, perhaps).

Do you know a friend who loves gnome stuff? Here is our little surprise, rolling in the box from side to side: A gnome with a silver broom. Well, it is actually a gnome holding a cupcake. This Halloween, get to send your loved ones gnomes holding spooky balloons and boo!

Love of Quidditch can be shared in so many ways as seekers, passers, and chasers are still looking for the broom. Here it comes with a gnome!

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble

There is a certain eerie, Gothic air to burning fires and bubbling cauldrons. To bring on the air, you can choose to take your very own personal cauldron to the party as a helpful prop. Mini cauldrons can transport you to the Gothic somewhere where there is a haunted house; for Worst Witch fans, also to a spell brewing class.

This Halloween, are poisonous entrails in the cauldron calling you? Footnotes has come up with a fantastic paper based card for the Macbeth enthusiasts. Send to your loved ones a handwritten, heart-felt note with a non-vanishing pen. Go ahead and share the bubbling cauldron of toads and venom.

Of happy ghosts, zombies, and mutants

Zombie in Halloween: Of happy ghosts, zombies, and mutants

“I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?”

Just like Halloween brings out the child in everyone, ghosts bring out the shrieks we all know. Ghosts usually beat zombies and mutants as well, mainly because these guys are just so unsettling and so much more convincing like Jacob Marley in The Christmas Carol.

Of course, dark spirit ghosts are not always panicking us. For a relief, we’ve got Headless Nick, the ghost who tops the friendly phantom charts. Nick might be a tricky one to play at the party but if you like see-through people, sending a note to your friends about three happy ghosts might be too exciting to resist.

On the inside of the card, you have plenty of space to draw to your satisfaction an anime style drawing of a ghost you admire. You can also add a wall sticker with nothing under a hood but a pair of ghost eyes.

Candies, Halloween flicks, and boo!

If you are reminiscing only about candies and trick-or-treating, go for Willy Wonka’s memorable movies. For better chills, choose from an endless list of horror and Halloween flicks.

Pre-Halloween time is ideal to explore the lists you want to watch with your family for the shrills and thrills. If watching alone, do read a spoiler review beforehand. Now is the time to make your very own binge watching list.

For brainstorming, check whether the vintage movies are still the best in the horror genre? Are you up for a friendly ghost movie instead? With any personal preference, you can bring the Halloween aura home with boo! wall stickers and lanterns, get some candies, dim the lights a bit. Let the show begin.

Never a slug. Never a human. Never a creature

The possibility of being is the fun part that adds to the holiday celebrations. From Professor Slughorn or Scaredy Cats, the charm and spooks will delight you this Halloween. Double up the fun by picking your style with our Halloween wishing cards with blank interiors, so you can add all the fine details that matter to you at heart.

Some Footnotes:

The earth says hello! Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, inspired by the 1967 musical, Hair.

Possibility of being, Rainer Maria Rilke

I made it link by link … Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

Harry, can I get a go on it? Can I? Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling

Came from different stores Romana Quimby, Beverly Cleary

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