Halloween Gift Ideas

18 eerie-sistible gift ideas for your loved ones this Halloween

It's no secret that Halloween is a lot of fun, including everything leading up to it. Cue: decorations, fun costumes, and a little bit of chaos!

Overall, Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to spice up your house decor, play dress-up, surprise loved ones, and...if you're still a kid at heart...eat a ton of candy!

Looking for a way to make this year's Halloween the spookiest yet? With the perfect jaw-dropping Halloween gift ideas, you can make all your friend's and family's day a little more frightfully spectacular.

There are many good reasons to give a thoughtful present to someone during this very entertaining season. Maybe you must bring the hostess a ghastly glam present because you're attending a Halloween party. Or perhaps your friends or family decorate their home every year for Halloween, requiring some fright-inducing improvements.

Whatever the case, these ideas are fantastic. No tricks, just treat for everyone on your list—Shop now to find the spookiest Halloween cards and stickers to go with an equally terrifying gift.

Top 18 Halloween gift ideas

Here are some of the most spooky and fun Halloween gift ideas to cast a spell on your loved ones.

  • Festive pumpkins

Halloween Cup Cakes

Prepare for a rich harvest with some colorful fall-patterned pumpkins. Ornamental pumpkins make for excellent Halloween presents, bright fabric, and have weighted bases for added fall fun.

This gift will surely please Halloween fans and those who want to continue their harvest celebrations well into the first snowflakes of winter.

  • Disney Halloween shirts

A costume that can be worn throughout the year? Yes, please!  Get your loved ones adorable Disney tee's that double as a costume for Halloween. There are a wide variety of colors and themes to pick from, so you could find one that complements the decor in their house.

It's a great way to show off your holiday spirit while also making your friends and family happy.

  • Jack-o-lantern succulent planter

A 3D-printed jack-o-lantern planter is a hauntingly cute present when paired with a succulent.

And even if the owner kills all of their succulents (hey, even the most dedicated plant enthusiasts have casualties), the planter can still be used with artificial plants. It can double as an adorable pumpkin vase!

  • Twilight bat wreath

A festive wreath is a must-have for any Halloween enthusiast! The Twilight Bat Wreath adds an unsettling touch to their front door or inside their house.

This wreath, delicately fashioned of twisted branches and a swarm of sparkly bats, is a must-have for anyone who enjoys animals of the night and a terrific Halloween gift idea for a friend who enjoys the spookier side of the holiday.

  • Spooky Halloween cards

Spooky Halloween cards

With these customised cards, you can spread Halloween cheer to your friends and family. Our personalized Happy Halloween cards, featuring everything from frightening houses to pumpkins and bats, will make you and your friends chuckle.

Adding your company's logo inside these customized frightening cards is a terrific way to promote your brand.

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so send them our amusing Halloween cards this season.

  • Ghost candles

Ghost candles

These personalized candles are available in several colors and scents. You can go with a classic fall scent like biscotti and spice or something that fits all year long, like floral or fruity.

These candles burn naturally and use the most fragrance that soy wax allows. They can also be prepared unscented or mildly fragrant for individuals with severe sensitivity.

  • Coffin letter board

This coffin-shaped felt letter board is ideal for the porch, entryway, or living room and serves as a thoughtful Halloween present and a charming decoration to adorn the home this fall.

It includes over 500 characters for gift recipients to personalize their gothic message. You can also use these creepy Advent calendars to count the days before Halloween.

  • Personalized Halloween sign

This customized Halloween sign is ideal for "scary and wacky, mysterious and spooky, and downright spooky" families. Customize it with their last name for a beautiful Halloween gift they'll want to keep up all year!

  • Anatomy dishes

These miniature anatomy dishes are adorable and on-theme for Halloween, whether for putting their keys on the foyer table or everyday jewelry on their dresser.

The best part is that you can use these creepy-cool dishes in various ways. They work great as rings or candy dishes; you can even hang them on the wall for a one-of-a-kind design feature.

  • Murder mystery jigsaw puzzle

Here's a murder mystery problem that'll take your puzzle time to the next level. When you've finished the story, you'll have all the information you need to figure out what happened and solve the spooky mystery.

  • Spooky molds for Halloween treats

Children adore trick-or-treating. Halloween is almost upon us, so you'll want to ensure you have all the essentials, like candy and gift boxes.

Why not sweeten the children's lives by making homemade sweets and wrapping them up for a spooky surprise?

  • Halloween LED necklaces

Flashing necklaces that glow brightly in the dark are perfect for Halloween. They may be used as wall decorations, tabletop and cake decorations, and anything else you wish to light up, not just on your Halloween trees and walls.

There are several necklace types: pumpkins, eyes, pirates, skulls, etc. Give the little visitors necklaces to wear in the dark.

  • Wooden Jack-O’-lanterns

With these wooden Jack-o'-lanterns, you can help a loved one light up and celebrate Halloween. They are perfect to set the mood for Halloween activities like pumpkin carving and watching scary movies.

  • Bat wall decor

Someone call Dracula! You get a lot of decorative value for your money with these stylish hanging bats. They bring spooktacular fun to walls, light fixtures, and ceilings with 30 bat cutouts in various sizes.

  • Halloween bath bombs

This set of bath bombs is inspired by spooky packaging seen in horror films and makes for a great gift. Featuring frightful hues and great berry and cherry fragrances, a box of Spooktacular fun bath bombs is a safe bet for Halloween.

  • Personalized Halloween tote

Compared to the standard orange plastic basket, this jack-o'-lantern tote can be customized with the recipient's name on the back, making it a unique and thoughtful Halloween gift.

  • Halloween mug rugs

Here's a reasonably priced but endearing Halloween present idea for adults. They'd be a lot of fun to use on trick-or-treat nights or at a Halloween party. Get ready for Halloween parties by stocking up on these adorable mug rugs.

You can choose from a selection of spooky mug rugs featuring vampires, zombies, and ghosts.

  • Props for all

Doing little things for the guests at a party, whether it's yours or someone else's, is always appreciated. Fangs for the vampires, witches' caps, and nuts and screws for the Frankenstein's are all useful accessories.

Isn't this an excellent way to get people excited? Add a few Halloween-themed cookies to the mix for an added effect.


Giving Halloween presents is quite simple. All it takes to set the mood is tossing some sweets into a bag. Then, anything else you send along with the candy, such as a gift card, a humorous Halloween greeting from Footnotes Paper, a hoodie, or a pair of socks, is considered a Halloween present by default.

Start making your gifts extra special with these Halloween gift ideas in mind for enthusiastic Halloween buffs. Whether you're shopping for an office gift exchange or a present for a horror movie enthusiast you know, we’ve made sure to include something for everyone.

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