National Boss Day

Smart moves - curry favor with your boss on National Boss’s Day

Hey employees! National Boss’s day is just around the corner, a day to show your boss some appreciation. If you’re like most employees, you probably spend a reasonable amount of time trying to curry favor with your boss. You know that it can pay off in the long run- after all, who wouldn’t want a boss who is happy with them?

But have you ever considered that there might be an easy way to make your boss happy? Believe it or not, National Boss’s Day is almost here- and there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation! It can be tough to curry favor with the person in charge, but we have a few tips to help you make National Boss’s Day 2022 unforgettable.

So put on your best smile and show your boss some appreciation on National Boss’s Day 2022!

Stop the tape and rewind- some historical backdrop

We are about to celebrate National Boss's Day 2022! A day to acknowledge the wonderful people who keep us employed and help us pay our bills. But where did this holiday come from?

Patricia Bays Haroski created National Boss's Day in 1958 and registered the holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. According to Haroski, she chose October 16 as the date for Boss's Day because it was her boss's birthday. The holiday quickly caught on, and by 1962 it had been adopted by several states.

When is Boss’s Day 2022? In 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a proclamation declaring October 16 to be National Boss's Day. So there you have it! The history of a holiday is sure to be a favorite among employees everywhere.

Make the most of this upcoming work (pun intended) opportunity

National Boss’s Day is the perfect opportunity to flatter your boss, but what’s the best way to go about it? In most work environments, balloons, flowers, and other grand gestures are inappropriate.

While a nice card or gift is always appreciated, it is not the only way to acknowledge your boss's role in your life. So what’s an ambitious employee to do? Here are a few tips on making a great impression on your boss on National Boss’s Day 2022.

Buy your boss a thoughtful gift - Boss’s Day 2022 gift ideas

National Boss's Day: Buy your boss a thoughtful gift

When it comes to giving gifts, your boss is probably not the first person that comes to mind. But maybe they should be! After all, your boss is the one who signs your paychecks and gives you those all-important performance reviews. So why not show your gratitude with a heartwarming gift?

Are you looking for Boss’s Day 2022 gift ideas? A coffee mug that says "World's Best Boss" or a stress relief toy is sure to get a chuckle - and let your boss know that you appreciate their hard work. So next time you're looking for the perfect gift, don't forget about the person who signs your paycheck! You can also look for boss’s day 2022 gift ideas online to make sure you choose the right gift for your boss on boss’s day 2022.
  • Charity begins at the office

Have you ever noticed that your boss is a bit of a Scrooge? Well, there's no need to fret - you can turn that frown upside down with a bit of Holiday goodwill. Donate to a charity in your boss's name. Who knows, maybe your act of kindness will inspire them to be a little more generous with their employees next year.

So, go ahead and toss a few extra dollars in the Holiday donation jar - it will make you feel good about doing something nice for someone in need. And who knows, maybe your boss will be a little merrier next year.

  • Plan a secret employee admiration society meeting

National Boss's Day: Plan a secret employee admiration society meeting
As any good employee knows, National Boss day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the person who makes your working life worthwhile. And what better way to show appreciation than secretly planning an employee admiration society meeting?

Of course, there are a few things you'll need to take care of first.

  1. First, choose a time and place for the meeting that won't be overheard or interrupted by your boss.
  2. Second, keep the society's activities a secret - this is key to maintaining its credibility.
  3. Third, come up with a plan for celebrating your boss that is both creative and heartfelt.

You can make National boss day an extraordinary event with some planning and creativity.

  • Go above and beyond with your everyday tasks

Ever feel like you're stuck in a rut, just going through the motions at work with no real purpose? You should now break out of that funk and put your best foot forward. Show your boss what a great asset you are by going above and beyond your regular job duties.

Make it a point to go the extra mile and wow them with your dedication and hard work on National Boss’s Day. Let them know that you're focused and committed to your job. Not only will this make you feel great about yourself, but it could also lead to exciting opportunities down the road. So get out there and show your boss what you're made of!

  • A thoughtful card might just do the job for you

After all, they are the one who signs your paycheck! But what if you want to do something a little bit more thoughtful than just buying a card from the grocery store? Here are some ideas to get you started.

How about a card that reflects gratitude for the boss who always has their nose to the grindstone? You can also get a card with a humorous message for the boss, who always cracks jokes. Better yet, give them this Boss’ definition card that will have them rolling on the floor with laughter!
If you want to put in some extra effort, you could make your card using some of your artwork or photos or write a thoughtful message on the blank interior of the card from Footnotes Paper’s profession-themed card collection or the thank you collection. Whatever you do, ensure your boss knows you appreciate them this National Boss's Day.

3 Boss myths busted!

It's no secret that bosses can be a source of stress and anxiety for many employees. But there's more to these high-powered individuals than meets the eye. Here are some little-known facts about bosses that may just surprise you.

  • Myth#1 Bosses are always energetic

Did you know that the average boss is quite lazy? A recent study found that most managers spend less than an hour daily on meaningful work, opting to delegate tasks or simply surf the web instead. And when it comes to decision-making, it turns out that bosses are often cripplingly indecisive.

  • Myth#2 Bosses are all work and no play

This simply isn't true. While it's essential to be professional at work, bosses also know how to have fun. They may enjoy going out for drinks with colleagues after work or taking a relaxing vacation.

  • Myth #3: Bosses are always right

Just because someone is your boss doesn't make them always right. If you have a different opinion, don't be afraid to speak up - your boss will respect you for it.

So next time your boss gives you grief, remember that they're probably just as stressed out as you are.

Some National Boss’s Day wishes that might give you a pay raise

Happy National Boss's Day! Are you wondering what to write on the Boss Day card to flatter your boss? Look no further. Here are some boss's day wishes that are sure to get a smile:

  • " Happy Boss’s Day!Thank you for being a mentor to me."
  • "You're the best boss I've ever had. Happy National Boss’s day!"
  • "I'm so lucky to have you as my boss! Happy Boss’s Day 2022"
  • "Super grateful for your guidance and leadership."
  • " Happy National Boss’s Day! I'm proud to work for you."

Boss's day is the perfect opportunity to show your boss how much you appreciate them craftily. Now that you know what to write on the boss day card, you can surely make your boss feel appreciated on National Boss’s Day 2022.

Head to the Footnotes Paper website or local store and peruse our stickers - we have everything from motivational stickers for your workaholic boss to feminist stickers for your female boss.

Once you've found the perfect sticker, break out the cardstock and work designing a card that expresses your unique relationship with your boss. This is your chance to be creative, so don't hold back! After all, your boss deserves the best on Boss's day.
Don’t forget to share your National Boss’s Day 2022 celebrations with us by tagging @footnotespaper on Instagram to show us how you used our cards and stickers to make the most of this national celebration.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you wish your boss a Happy Boss's day?

Happy Boss's day! Thank you for being such an important part of my career. I am truly grateful to have you as my boss.

  • Is it bosses or Boss's day?

It is officially called Boss’s Day.

  • Is Boss's day the same day every year?

Yes, National Boss’s Day is celebrated on 16th October every year.

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