Heartwarming BFF Birthday Cards: Celebrate Your Bestie in Style

Whimsical birthday messages that’ll make your BFF’s day

Think about your best friend. They know all of your secrets and you know all of theirs. They are the person who you can always count on to be there for you, no matter what. Best friends are crucial in life - they make it infinitely more fun and enjoyable! Without them, life would be pretty lonely. So thank your lucky stars if you have a great friend by your side and make their upcoming birthday memorable.

Are you stuck on what to write in a birthday card for your best friend? You're not alone. Knowing what to write in a birthday card to a friend  can be tricky. But don't worry; we've got you covered.

This post will share some of the most heartwarming and humorous wishes to write on birthday cards for friends. So whether you're looking for something sweet, comical, or sentimental, you'll find the perfect message here to write in your BFF's birthday card.

Celebrate the person who knows you inside out

BFF Birthday: Celebrate the person who knows you inside out

Everyone has had a best friend at one point or another, someone who knows you better than anyone else and loves you anyway. They're the peanut butter to your jelly, the mac to your cheese. They finish your sentences and know all your secrets. In short, they're precious. But what makes a best friend so special? Is it the inside jokes? The shared memories? The secrets? Maybe it's all of those things or maybe it's something more.

Perhaps it's how they know what to say when you're feeling down, or they're always there for you, no matter what. Whatever it is, best friends are precious. And if you're fortunate enough to find one in your life, hold on tight because they don't come along every day. Just like best friends make your everyday special, you should make their birthdays unforgettable with a bit of effort and a whole lot of love.

What to write in a birthday card to a friend who lights up your world

What to write in a birthday card to a friend

Have you ever been stumped on what to write in a birthday card to  a friend? Don't worry; you're not alone. Finding the perfect words to express what you are is not easy.  Here are a few tips on what to write in a birthday card to a friend who knows you like the back of your hand.

  • Set the tone right

It's your best friend's birthday, and you want to make sure the card you give them is perfect. After all, they are the one person who has been there for you through thick and thin. If you’re wondering what to write in a friend’s birthday card, ask yourself the following questions. What tone should you choose? Heartfelt or funny? The answer, of course, depends on your best friend.

If they are the type of person who appreciates a good pun, then a card with a witty message is sure to make them smile. On the other hand, if they are the sentimental type, a heartfelt note expressing your affection will surely touch their heart. No matter what type of message you choose, just remember that your best friend is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Make sure you don’t go for generic birthday card messages as they won’t make your friend feel on top of the world.

  • Take a trip  down memory lane with your BFF's birthday card

Don't forget to include both the good and the bad times you've shared in your BFF's birthday card. After all, what are friends for if not enduring each other's company through thick and thin? So go ahead and mention that time they spilled coffee on your brand-new shirt or when they accidentally hit you with a dodgeball in gym class.

Just remember to sign it "from your best friend." Because, at the end of the day, that's what they are - warts and all.

  • Make them laugh their heart out with some inside jokes

A birthday is a perfect time to let your friends know how much they mean to you, and what better way to do that than with a hilarious inside joke? Inside jokes are the glue that holds friendships together, and they can be even more special when written down in your BFF's birthday card.

So don't be afraid to dig deep and choose an inside joke that will make your friend laugh. And if you're stuck, just remember the thought counts.

  • Shower them with love

Make sure to include personalized birthday wishes on the card. Generic birthday card messages won't cut it for your best friend. Instead, write something that captures your relationship and shows how much you care. You can also add some fun stickers that depict your relationship. With some help from Footnotes Paper, you can get the wittiest stickers to make your best friend chuckle on their special day.

Second, don't forget the birthday wishes! It's essential to include some well-chosen words of wisdom or encouragement. After all, your best friend deserves nothing less on their big day.

So go ahead and start brainstorming. And remember, there's no need to overthink it - sometimes, the most straightforward messages are the best.

Ten birthday wishes for your BFF's birthday card

Ten birthday wishes for your BFF's birthday card

The best thing about birthdays is that they give you a chance to let your best friend know how important they are to you. So if you're looking for the perfect wish to write in a birthday card to a friend, look no further.

Make them feel valued

Here are some heartfelt birthday wishes you can include in a birthday card for your friends and make them cry tears of joy.

  1. To the person who has seen me at my best and worst, who has always been there with a shoulder to cry on or a laugh when I needed it: I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday.
  2. A very happy birthday to the friend who knows me better than anyone else: thank you for always being my sounding board, confidante, and cheerleader.
  3. Happy birthday best friend! I don't know what I would do without you.
  4. Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin. Happy birthday, best friend.
  5. Wishing you all the happiness on your special day because you deserve it, best friend.

Time for a barrel of giggles

Are you wondering what to say in a birthday card for friends to make them laugh their heart out? You can take the humorous route and include any of these comical birthday wishes in your best friend’s birthday card.

  1. Another year older, another year wiser - hopefully? Happy birthday to my best friend.
  2. Happy birthday! I hope this year is full of laughter and good times. And if it's not, well, at least you'll always have me to make you laugh.
  3. Wishing you a happy birthday and all the joy that comes with getting older. Just remember, age is nothing but a number, a really big number.
  4. I always thought I was the craziest person on this planet, but you entered my life and proved me wrong; happy birthday to my favorite crazy human.
  5. Happy birthday to the person who always asks me for advice and never listens to it.

Add some laughter and love to your BFF’s day with Footnotes Paper

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  1. For your best friend who adds magic to your life, try our "you are magical af" card.
  2. If you're feeling sassy, go with our “Birthday. Balloons. Cake. Whatever.” birthday card.
  3. And for the friend who is always there for you, we suggest our "adjectives for your best friend" card.

Now that you know what to say in a birthday card for a friend, no matter which card you choose, your friend will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness (and humor) of making their birthday special. So browse our collection of birthday cards for friends and find the perfect way to say "happy birthday, best friend!".

Make sure to write a personalized birthday wish on the blank interior of the card. With some help from the birthday messages mentioned above, you can make your best friend’s birthday unforgettable. We have some incredible best friend definition, travel-themed, and floral stickers that you can use to embellish your best friend’s birthday card.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the best message for your friend’s birthday?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best message for a friend's birthday will vary depending on their age, interests, and personality. Keep your best friend’s personality in mind and curate a thoughtful message.

How do you write a heart-touching birthday message?

It can be hard to come up with something that is both personal and memorable, without sounding cheesy or clichéd. Here are a few tips to help you write the perfect birthday message:

  • Include a memory from the past.
  • Let your friend know how much they mean to you.
  • Don’t hold back, it’s time to pour your heart out.
What is a short message to say happy birthday?

Wishing you a very happy birthday, best friend! Hope you have an amazing year ahead.

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